Magnolia Flowers
Magnolia Flowers
Magnolia Flowers

Magnolia Flowers

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Mochila hand-woven by our team of artisans of the Caribbean region of Colombia. Each piece we make is unique with high quality and contemporary designs and materials mixing luxury with craftsmanship. Our weavers have abilities and knowledge about their heritage and with Mochila Market we have accomplished the intervention and  evolution of what we call “Artisan luxury”

Reference Magnolia

Colección Magnolia


Bag hand-woven in a single thread with silk thread with handle/strap of Czech beads. It has internal brooch and lining.


Clean carefully with a wet wipe. Do not clean in the washing machine or by hand.

The pieces found under the label PRE-ORDER have an estimated arrival time of 30 to 35 business days. Remember that your order comes form our artisans and then reaches our store to be dispatched to its final destination.